Pedestrian information

Conditions for obtaining a badge for the St Martin's Walk:

Walkers of the St. Martin's Walk can obtain several badges depending on the distance and route.

- 100-kilometre walk badge

- 300 kilometre badge

- 1000-kilometre badge

It is up to each individual to decide which sections of the route they wish to complete. Szombathely must be one of the places visited. Stops made abroad may also count towards the total.

When determining the distances, the mileage indicated for the route sections must be taken into account. The actual distance may vary slightly depending on the point of departure from the municipality.

There is no time limit for completing the route, which can be done in any direction and in any order.

The way to verify the route: stamps at the checkpoints, or, if necessary, other stamps or photographs identifying the settlement.

For verification purposes, there will be a certificate sheet for the Hungarian sections and a map booklet for the southern section, but you can also make your own "certificate sheet" to collect the stamps. You can also send a request for a certificate by e-mail to: (Please send any questions, suggestions or comments to the same address.)

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