(S-02) Ják - Nagykölked - Harasztifalu - Körmend

(S-02) Ják - Nagykölked - Harasztifalu - Körmend

Ják - Ójaki road - St. Peterfa forest - St. Peterfa highway (8 km) - Nagykölked (13 km) - Harasztifalu (14.5 km) - Körmend train station (21.5 km)

Level difference: practically none. For game management reasons, the section of the route through the St. Peterhof forest can only be used during the day. On the way there are only restaurants and shops in Harasztifalu.


1. Ják

2. Harasztifalu - local history collection (advance booking recommended) or restaurant, shop

3. Körmend

Accommodation along the route: Ják, Körmend.

Recommended maps and guides:

Detailed description of the route (Pilgrim's Guide to the St. Martin of Tours Cultural Route, pages 19 - 23)

  • Duration: 5,5 hour(s)
  • Length: 21,5 km
  • Difficulty: Medium

Area: Southern route
Level difference: 40 m
: Walking routes

Stop point

Stop point - Ják


The Abbey of St George of Jaak was founded around 1220 by Martin the Great of Jaak (Marthinus Magnus de Jaak), and the teplom...


Stop point - Nagyköldked

Nagyköldked - Szent Miklós templom

The settlement is mentioned as Kewlked in 1221. By the early 1300s it was certainly a churched place, with a church dedicated to...


Stop point - Harasztifalu


Harasztifalu was originally a settlement of Croatian nationality, settled by Péter Erdődy in the mid-1500s. The name of the...


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